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Tablo is a dialysis machine designed from the inside out to offer a better experience for patients and providers.

It looks different, but that’s just the beginning.

Get into the details

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Automatic, regular updates that help Tablo get smarter over time

Flexible treatment duration — from 30 minutes to 24 hours with no supply changeover

Automated self clean

Integrated blood pressure cuff

Schedule saline flush

One-touch rinseback

Compatible with high-flux dialyzers

Tablo comes with a digital ecosystem of intuitive tools to simplify dialysis.

Simple touchscreen interface

3-D animations and conversational instructions help guide you through system set-up, treatment and even alarm resolution.
Laptop showing Tablo's Hub software

Access Tablo data anywhere—on TabloHub

Two way communication with the cloud can seamlessly transmit treatment data both to the provider and to a unique remote diagnostics platform that powers service and support.

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