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Tablo® standardizes care and simplifies renal replacement therapy from the ICU to home.


Reduce the cost and complexity of dialysis with Tablo.

Device standardization
Tablo is a first-of-its-kind enterprise solution, covering 95% of hospital dialysis treatments with a single machine that requires no additional infrastructure.
Operational efficiency
Nurses across specialties are able to learn how to use Tablo in under 4 hours, supporting quick onboarding and staff satisfaction.
Intelligent technology
Two-way communication with the cloud enables streamlined documentation and system management, EMR integration and remote patient monitoring.
Lower the cost of inpatient dialysis by up to 80% in the ICU.

Wireless connectivity

Two-way data communication automatically sends treatment data to the Tablo cloud

Treatment modalities

Adaptive dialysis with flexible renal replacement therapy solutions

Touchscreen guidance

Animations and conversational instructions make Tablo easy to learn and use

Tablo cartridge

The pre-assembled Tablo cartridge snaps into place easily, reducing setup and takedown time

Sensor-based automation

Sensors help automate treatment setup, management, and maintenance

Dialysate on-demand

Integrated water filtration purifies water and produces dialysate in real time


Compact, portable dialysis clinic on wheels requires only an electrical outlet and tap water to operate

Optional TabloCart non-medical accessory

Enhancing maneuverability and offering either additional prefiltration or on-the-go storage

There’s a reason institutions are making the switch to Tablo

7 of 8
of the largest national health systems in the U.S. use Tablo

Water treatment rooms required for traditional dialysis can cost ~$250K to build and $25-50K a year to maintain.

With Tablo,
no water room needed.

Real life case studies.
net savings projected in first year
net savings estimated per treatment
of nurses found Tablo easier to set up than other RRT devices
Better begins now.
of Tablo users would recommend the device to a friend
Nurses and patients using Tablo
1605-v1 (v1.1)
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