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There’s a better way to dialyze.


Easy to learn and use

Tablo has a first-of-its-kind interface designed with patients in mind. Touchscreen guidance, animations, and step-by-step instructions guide you through dialysis treatments.
Most patients are able to learn all device-related activities to start using Tablo at home in less than 4 training sessions, and can resolve an alarm in under 5 seconds.

Perfect fit for your home

Tablo has a compact, 19-inch wide frame that is discreet and mobile. It’s able to fit easily in your home without looking like a piece of medical technology.

All you need is tap water and an electrical outlet — no dialysate batching required! 
Plus, an entire month of Tablo supplies fit in a small closet.

Connected to your clinic

Smart sensors and wireless data transfer save you the hassle of manual data entry. Unique features of Tablo like the integrated blood pressure cuff and 8-minute prime time help automate much of treatment setup and management.

Your doctor and healthcare team will be connected to your treatment information online via myTablo.
Tablo affords me a level of consistency and control that I didn’t understand I was missing until Tablo came in.
Reggie Boyd, Tablo Home Dialysis Patient
About Tablo
The main thing with Tablo is that it opens up your time.
David Rush, Tablo Home Dialysis Patient
Read David’s perspective
It’s a gentler machine. I feel comfortable and relaxed at home with Tablo, not anxious like I used to be going in-center for dialysis.
Tracey Amadi, Tablo Home Dialysis Patient
Why home dialysis

Steps to starting home dialysis with Tablo


Want to know more about Tablo?

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Interested in home dialysis with Tablo?

The Tablo Hemodialysis System is available for use both in-center and at home, through your provider.  We may use the information you enter to reach out to your provider or other providers in your area, to let them know that you are interested in Tablo. By filling out this form and providing us your information, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

For example: how long is training, are there any clinics in my area, etc?
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How 5 Patients Felt After 50 Home Treatments on Tablo

True stories from kidney disease patients who are living their best lives while managing their own dialysis at home, with Tablo

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