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Your patients deserve better than the status quo.

Tablo is an enterprise solution delivering acute and chronic dialysis,

from bedside dialysis in the ICU to the living room.

Nurse kneeling next to Tablo dialyzing in an ICU

Renal Replacement Therapy in Hospitals

Tablo can substantially reduce supply costs and improve labor productivity, freeing you from infrastructure requirements so you can easily dialyze at a patient’s bedside, in the ICU, or in the dialysis unit.3
Read our case study: Cost savings in the Cleveland Clinic ICU

Chronic Care in Dialysis Clinics

Tablo can reduce infrastructure costs and expand the potential locations and configurations of a dialysis clinic, all while creating a meaningfully better experience for patients.
Watch video: Empowering dialysis patients with in-center self-care
Tablo dialysis machine undergoing a deep clean

Home Dialysis

Tablo’s user friendly interface, quick training, simple setup, and sensor-based automation make home hemodialysis an easy, efficient, and flexible option for chronic dialysis patients.
Review our home clinical trial results: Safety and efficacy of the Tablo hemodialysis system for in-center and home hemodialysis

With just tap water and a power outlet, Tablo is ready to go.

Nurse pushes Tablo down a hallway

All-in-one dialysis system

Tablo is an enterprise solution that saves time and money.2

Its fully integrated water purification system produces dialysate that’s customized to the patient’s prescription. No more hauling portable reverse osmosis machines or bags to the bedside, managing a water treatment room for dialysis, or batching dialysate. 

Easy to learn, easy to use

With Tablo’s intuitive touchscreen guidance and animated instructions, you can train new users in hours, not weeks. Sensors and advanced software help automate much of the setup, treatment management and maintenance. Step-by-step alarm resolution means no more flipping through manuals.
Tablo offers multiple user levels so dialysis experts can fully manage and customize patient care in a flexible, streamlined way while non-specialized HCPs and self-care patients can rely on guided instructions.
Nurse at a Tablo terminal

Connected and intelligent

Treatment data and disinfection reports are stored in the Tablo Cloud, accessible from wherever you are or integrated with your EMR.
With two-way wireless data transfer, remote monitoring and reporting, Tablo can provide insights and diagnostics that improve program efficiency and minimize downtime.

Spend time on value-added care, not on training, troubleshooting, or reporting.

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Important note regarding supply for in-home use: Tablo will begin rollout in select sites over the coming months to ensure the highest level of training and support for Tablo home patients. Get in touch now to be a part of our expansion. By submitting this contact form, you are agreeing to the terms of our privacy policy. We value your information security and protect your privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the acute setting, Tablo is proven to reduce costs and simplify your dialysis program. Its mobility and integrated dialysate production make it an enterprise solution for all settings – from the ICU to the home – and eliminates the need for separate water purification. Its easy-to-learn interface enables virtually anyone to be trained to administer dialysis. 

    In the clinic setting, Tablo can automate many processes for both patients and staff, eliminate the need for costly infrastructure, lower staff costs by maximizing productivity, and help your clinic more efficiently and effectively manage patients. Tablo is designed to facilitate home program growth by allowing clinics to easily on-board and retain home patients through a quick and simple training and setup process.

    Tablo’s unique self-care level empowers patients to participate in their care in-center and at home. Tablo Patients also stick to their routines – we’ve seen over 96% compliance to treatment schedules and our trial saw no patient drop out of the home arm.1

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