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Better begins now for healthcare providers and patients with the Tablo® Hemodialysis System.


Renal Replacement Therapy in Hospitals

Tablo offers greater prescription flexibility and clinical versatility, giving physicians the ability to customize treatment and use staff more efficiently.

Chronic Care in Dialysis Clinics

Tablo offers clinics a transformative solution to designed to reduce infrastructure costs, expand configurations, maximize reimbursement, and improve patient outcomes with in-clinic self-care and home dialysis programs.

Hemodialysis at Home

Tablo was designed to empower dialysis patients to take control of when, where, and how they dialyze. It removes the major barriers to home dialysis through smart, user-friendly simplifications.
Tablo dialysis machine moving in hallway

All-in-one dialysis system

With fully integrated water purification, Tablo produces dialysate on-demand, customized to the patient’s prescription. No more hauling portable reverse osmosis machines or bags of purified water to the bedside, managing a water treatment room for dialysis, or batching dialysate.

Easy to learn and use

With intuitive touchscreen guidance and animated instructions, new users learn to use Tablo in hours, not weeks. Multiple user levels enable everyone from dialysis experts to nurses from other specialties to self-care patients to get as much guidance as they need during set up.
Patient starting Tablo dialysis machine
Nurse monitoring Tablo dialysis patients on laptop

Connected and intelligent

With two-way wireless data transfer, remote patient monitoring, and cloud-based reporting, Tablo provides insights that improve program efficiency, enhance safety, and minimize downtime.
Treatment data and disinfection reports are securely stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.

Introducing TabloCart

Built with 360-degree wheels, TabloCart helps providers easily maneuver anywhere in the hospital, with options for either additional prefiltration or on-the-go storage.

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From the Outset blog

Catholic Health Standardizes Dialysis And Cuts Costs With Tablo

This health network recently brought all its acute dialysis care in-house and onto a single, simplified platform. It is now seeing an increase in treatment volume and a projected $500k in annual savings.

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