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Tablo® for Nephrologists

You can change the status quo.

Personalizing dialysis with Tablo:
A new clinical paradigm is possible


The current landscape

Today, Renal Replacement Therapy is prescribed for long periods of time, then patients “drop” to IHD due to a lack of options. 

Outset time chart

Adapting to patients’ needs

With Tablo, there is the opportunity to deliver treatment up to 24 hours and incrementally decrease treatment time, get patients mobile on “off tx time” and potentially improve outcomes by slowly bringing them to IHD.

Tablo is a first-of-its-kind system for standardized care in dialysis, covering 95% of hospital dialysis treatments, with durations up to 24 hours.
Designed to be easy to learn and use, Tablo empowers professionals – and patients – to confidently set up and manage dialysis treatments.
Two-way cloud communication supports efficient documentation, adding value with remote patient monitoring and option for EMR integration.

Qd of 300 mL/min achieves similar clearance as ≥500 mL/min

Tailor therapy to your patients’ clinical needs, not to the limitations of your dialysis machines.


Explore training options, resources, services and specialized programs that support a successful transition to Tablo.

Tablo can lead to an easier transition to home dialysis*



Average training time on Tablo is only 2 weeks, compared to 4-6 weeks with the other device.

Clearance Goals

All patients successfully achieved clearance goals (Kt/V of ≥ 2.0) in fewer avg. weekly treatments.


Adherence and Success

Using Tablo leads to high rates of treatment adherence and treatment success at home.†

*Compared to NxStage 
†D. E. Henner: Transition of a Home Hemodialysis Program to the Tablo System. ADC 2021.


3 Nephrologists Explain 3 Keys to Growing Home Dialysis


Education, telehealth, and incentives are key elements needed to empower more kidney disease patients to dialyze at home, say three seasoned nephrologists.

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