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Clinical Study Index

Clinical Studies Index

Outset Dialysis Research and Papers

Study nameDate publishedJournalAuthorSetting(s)Subject
An Academic Hospital’s In-patient Dialysis unit’s staff and patient experience with use of Tablo Hemodialysis System2021-04NKF Spring Clinical ConferenceDeSilva, Rani, et al.AcuteStaff experience
Improved Dialysis Symptom Index with Tablo Thrice Weekly Dialysis2021-04NKF Spring Clinical ConferenceAragon, Michael, et al.ClinicDialysis-related symptoms
Single Center Experience: Conversion to Tablo Dialysis System2021-03AKI & CRRT ConferenceMoore, et al.AcuteHospital insourcing
Severe Methanol Poisoning treated with the Tablo Hemodialysis System: A Case Report and Analysis2021-03AKI & CRRT ConferenceIllescas, Alisa C., et al.AcuteClearance
Transition of a Home Hemodialysis Program to the Tablo System2021-03ADC 2021Henner, David E.HomeTreatment success
Successful In-Center Self Care to In-Home Transition Using the Tablo Hemodialysis System2021-03ADC 2021Chopra, Tushar, et al.HomeTreatment success
Self‐care training using the Tablo hemodialysis system2020-10Hemodialysis InternationalPlumb, T.J., et al.HomeEase of use
Urgent Training with the Tablo Hemodialysis System in Response to COVID-192020-10Journal of the American Society of NephrologyAragon, Michael, et al.AcuteEase of use
Use of Tablo Hemodialysis Systems to Extend Dialytic Capabilities for the COVID-19-Associated Surge of AKI2020-10Journal of the American Society of NephrologyGoldfarb, David, et al.AcuteUtilization
Ultrafiltration Accuracy of the Tablo Hemodialysis System During 24-hour Therapy2020-10Journal of the American Society of NephrologyAragon, Michael, et al.Bench TestingVolume management
Patient-reported outcomes from the investigational device exemption study of the Tablo hemodialysis system2020-08Hemodialysis InternationalChertow, G. M., et al. HomeQuality of life
Remote Treatment Monitoring with the Tablo Hemodialysis System2020-08IDEAS ConferenceAragon, Michael, & Aaron CarranoAcute & ClinicUtilization
Tablo Hemodialysis System: A Step Towards Personalized Care2020-06ASAIO JournalKerdok, Amy, et al.ClinicDialysis-related symptoms
Patient Device Preference for Home Hemodialysis: A Subset Analysis of the Tablo Home IDE Trial Subset Analysis of the Tablo Home IDE Trial2020-04American Journal of Kidney DiseasesChahal, Yaadveer, et al.HomeEase of use
Single Center Case Study on Acute Dialysis with a Dialysate Flow Rate of 300 mL/min compared to ≥ 500 mL/min2020-02CRRT OnlineAragon, Michael, et al.AcuteClearance
High Treatment Adherence and Ultrafiltration Rates on Four Day per Week Home Hemodialysis with Tablo2020-01Hemodialysis InternationalAragon, Michael, et al.HomeVolume management
Improved Quality of Sleep on Four Day per Week Home Hemodialysis with Tablo2020-01Hemodialysis InternationalAragon, Michael, & Yaadveer ChahalHomeQuality of sleep
Evaluation of Clinical Lab Data from the Tablo Hemodialysis Home IDE Trial2020-01Hemodialysis InternationalLim, Brittany, et al.HomeAdequacy
Safety and Efficacy of the Tablo Hemodialysis System for in‐Center and Home Hemodialysis2019-11Hemodialysis InternationalPlumb, Troy J., et al.HomeSafety & efficacy
Experience with a Novel Hemodialysis System: User Satisfaction and Clearance2019-10Journal of the American Society of NephrologyRahman, Mohammed F., et al.AcuteUtilization
Ten thousand consecutive treatments using the Tablo Hemodialysis system in hospitals and clinics2019-10Journal of the American Society of NephrologyAragon, Michael, et al.Acute & ClinicUtilization
A Single Center Experience Piloting the TABLO Hemodialysis System for Intermittent (IHD) in an Acute Hospital Setting – a Quality Improvement Project2019-10Journal of the American Society of NephrologySylvia-Reardon, Mary H, et al.AcuteClearance
Differential Molecular Modeling Predictions of Mid and Conventional Dialysate Flows2019-05Blood PurificationLeypoldt, John K, et al.Kinetic Modeling Clearance
Blood Pressure Stability in Patients Dialyzed on the Tablo® HD System2019-02Hemodialysis InternationalAlvarez, Luis, et al.ClinicDialysis-related symptoms
Early Experience with a Novel Hemodialysis System Used for PIRRT Demonstrates Clinical Management at Lower Cost than CRRT and IHD2019-02CRRT OnlineDemirjian, Sevag, et al.AcuteUtilization
Volume Management Accuracy in a New Hemodialysis System Using a Flow Balancing Technique2019-02CRRT OnlineLingam, Gopi, and Michael Aragon.Bench TestingVolume management
Urea Clearance Results in Patients Dialyzed Thrice Weekly Using a Dialysate Flow of 300 mL/min.2019-02Hemodialysis InternationalAlvarez, Luis, et al.ClinicClearance
In-Vivo Dialysis Kinetics of 300 mL/min and 500 mL/min Dialysate Flows2018-10Journal of the American Society of Nephrology,Augustin, Dimitri A, et al.ClinicClearance
Real World In-Center Urea Clearance Experience with a Novel Hemodialysis System2018-01Hemodialysis InternationalAlvarez, Luis, and Glenn M Chertow.ClinicClearance
Clinical Experience with a New Hemodialysis System Designed for In-Center Self-Care Hemodialysis2017SelfCare JournalAlvarez, Luis, et al.ClinicEase of use
Early Patient Experience with the Tablo Hemodialysis System2016-11Journal of the American Society of NephrologyAlvarez, Luis, et al.ClinicDialysis-related symptoms
Results of Human Factors Testing in a Novel Hemodialysis System Designed for Ease of Patient Use2016-05Hemodialysis InternationalWilcox, Stephen B., et al.ClinicEase of use

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