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The Tablo® Hemodialysis System is changing dialysis.

Tablo is a dialysis machine designed from the inside out to offer a better experience for patients and providers.


Dialysis just got smarter, easier, better, more personal.

All-in-one technology
Easy to learn & use
Connected & intelligent


Automatic, regular updates that help Tablo get smarter over time

Flexible treatment duration — from 30 minutes to 24 hours with no supply changeover

Automated self-clean

Integrated blood pressure cuff

Schedule saline flush

One-touch rinseback

Compatible with high-flux dialyzers


Introducing TabloCart

Built with 360-degree wheels, TabloCart helps providers easily maneuver anywhere in the hospital, with options for either additional prefiltration or on-the-go storage.

Tablo is more than a dialysis machine; it’s an enterprise solution that improves the user experience with a robust ecosystem of digital tools.

Simple touchscreen interface

3D animations and conversational instructions help guide you through system set-up, treatment, alarm resolution and maintenance.

tablo dialysis machine

Access Tablo data anywhere – on TabloHub®

Two-way communication with the cloud can seamlessly transmit treatment data both to the provider and to a unique remote diagnostics platform that powers service and support.

Remote patient monitoring

Providers have the ability to remotely monitor treatments from outside the patient room, view the current status of all Tablo systems at their location, and see all treatment data in near real time.

Illustration of EMR Connect transferring patient health records

Real-time data transfer to your EMR

Automated patient charting and documentation: send 70+ treatment data fields, real-time updates and event-based alerts from Tablo to a compatible EMR system via secure, cloud-based connectivity.

Using just tap water, an outlet and a drain, Tablo makes it simple to perform dialysis anytime, anywhere.

Tablo cartridge
Dialysate on-demand

Tech specs

Treatment Specifications

Blood Flow Rate

Up to 400 mL/min

Extracorporeal Circuit Volume

140 mL (excluding dialyzer)

Maximum Ultra-filtration Rate

2,000 mL/hour

UF Accuracy for DFR ≤ 100 mL/min

+/- 2% UF Rate + 25 mL/hr

UF Accuracy for DFR > 100 mL/min

+/- 2% UF Rate + 40 mL/hr

Dialysate Flow Rate

XT: 50-300 mL/min

Std.: 100-300 mL/min

Dialysate Preparation

Standard 45X proportioning

Dialysate Concentrates

Bicarbonate and Acetate/Citrate acid

Dialysis Fluid Potassium (K)

0K, 1K, 2K, 3K

Dialysis Fluid Calcium (Ca)

0, 1.0, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75. 3.0, 3.25, 3.5 Ca

Sodium Setting

130-145 mEq/L

Total Buffer Setting

30-40 mEq/L

Dialysis Fluid Temperature

35-38 °C


Commercially available high-flux dialyzers

Treatment Duration

XT: 5 min-24 hrs

Std.: 5 min-12 hrs

Treatment Modalities


Extended Therapy (up to 24 hrs)


Slow Low Efficiency Dialysis


Standard hemodialysis

UF Only

Isolated ultrafiltration


Sequential therapy


Sequential therapy

Treatment Features

Saline Flush

Automatic fluid removal adjustment. Manual and Scheduled Options

Saline Bolus

Automatic with volume tracking

Blood Return

Automated and adjustable rate

Blood Pressure

Integrated blood pressure cuff

Wireless Connectivity

Two-Way Data Transfer

Prime Time

8 minutes

Maintenance Features


Automated daily heat disinfection

Full and quick chemical disinfection cycles

Filter Replacements

Individually replaceable by user

Water Specifications

Input Water Source

EPA Primary or Secondary standards for drinking water

Incoming Temperature

5-32 °C

Incoming Pressure

30-80 PSI


Integrated Sediment, Carbon, RO, Ultrafilter

Outputs Purified Water

AAMI standards met

Physical Specifications


35.2″H x 17.7″W x 26.9″D

Dry Weight

195 lbs/88kg

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