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Kidney Health 101

CKD & Dialysis
More than 1 in 7 adults in America have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). It’s measured in several stages, eventually leading to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Watch this video to learn more about how a person can end up on dialysis.
Dialysis & Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Many people with early stage CKD are able to avoid dialysis by managing their kidney function with the help of a doctor. However, many people “crash” into dialysis, having no knowledge of prior kidney disease.

Watch this overview of the typical patient journey into dialysis.
Additional Resources
There are many organizations that offer education, resources, and support to people at risk of kidney disease. Here are a few we recommend:

Kidney Health & Lifestyle Resources


Nutrition Overview for CKD

Confused about how to balance phosphorus, calcium, and potassium in your diet? This brochure from the National Kidney Foundation gives an overview on how these often overlooked nutrients are critical for people with chronic kidney disease. It also includes a guide for talking with your doctor or dietician.

It’s important to understand how these nutrients affect your overall wellness.


Some high-phosphorus foods can raise the amount of phosphorus in your blood to a level that your kidneys can’t remove.


Extra phosphorus in your blood can pull calcium from your bones. This weakens the bones and harms other muscles like the heart, where the calcium builds up.


The right amount of potassium will change depending on your kidney health. Having either too much or too little potassium can be dangerous, so work with your health team to understand your needs.

Healthy Habits

Physical activity is an important part of keeping your body and mind healthy. This guide from Life Options contains tips, exercises, and testimonials that can inspire people with different levels of kidney health. 


There’s much more to healthy habits than just exercise. Relaxation can take the form of meditation or self-care routines. For others, it is making sure they continue fulfilling hobbies.

Social Support

In addition to staying connected with friends and family, many people find local or online support groups to be a critical part of managing their condition.


Don’t assume your health condition has to be the end of your job, education, or volunteer activities. These can be critical to your well-being. Learn more in this Life Options guide.

Understanding Kidney Disease: Stages, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & Prevention

Kidney disease is a complex, progressive and under-recognized public health problem. In the U.S., chronic disease treatment options are becoming more patient-focused, with an increased use of home dialysis.

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