TabloHub continues to expand! Service reports, on-demand training materials, patient site

TabloHub is leveling up: Introducing on-demand training, service reports, and myTablo!

One of Tablo’s most unique and exciting features is its ability to collect and share data in real time – from each patient’s treatment flow sheets to records of machine servicing and disinfections. 

We’ve heard from our customers that this information is invaluable to providers and administrators who need to quickly access patient health and machine records for charting and during JCAHO audits.

More people, from nurses to administrators and now patients, are logging on to TabloHub. We’ve been hard at work adding additional functionality to make TabloHub your ultimate Tablo resource – anytime, anywhere. We’re excited to announce the next major update in the evolution of TabloHub. These updates build upon our last release in February that added user management features and provided access to more information.  

These new updates are now available to all Tablo customers as of May 27th, 2020.


How do I do that again? Access on-demand training from any device. 

TabloHub automatically loads the latest documentation for your Tablo version. Both patients and providers can find easy, on-demand access to videos, courses, and documents. 

TabloHub is mobile-friendly so you can access it from your phone or tablet when you’re on the go. This allows for a wide range of training options and learning at your own pace, whether that’s watching our full Tablo overview at your convenience or brushing up on our cartridge change process (hint: it snaps into place with one push!) when you are away from your computer.

TabloHub Now Hosts Training Content

No-wait service reports

We’ve added a new tab in TabloHub for you to view and download system service reports the same way you’d access treatment data or disinfect reports. No more waiting for service records to be emailed to you! 

We’ve also made a lot of small improvements to the design of our reports to make them easier to read at a glance . You may also notice that we’ve improved filename formats and improved our multiple file download experience to make them easier to find and manage on your computer. 

You can now download service reports from TabloHub!

TabloHub, for patients

Following the announcement of FDA clearance for Tablo dialysis for patient use in the home, we created a version of TabloHub called myTablo designed for patients who are dialyzing at home or performing self-care at a clinic. 

Our first version is designed for patients just starting their self-care training. It provides instant access to the most up-to-date training materials and is designed to be easy to use from any device. 

Learn more about Tablo’s features for patients

myTablo's home screen

TabloHub – anywhere, anytime, anyone 

When you are away from your computer, access TabloHub or myTablo on your phone or tablet (Android or iOS) at your convenience. You can also use it to check out our newly integrated social media feed to stay up-to-date on the latest Tablo news. 

Provider Admin accounts can now create Patient users and manage accounts. Users can also now be assigned across multiple provider networks and locations which provides managers at large health systems much better visibility across all their locations.

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Tablo’s features for Providers // Improving Kidney Care for Providers

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Learn about how we keep patient data secure // How we built Tablo’s best-in-class data architecture by Bhavesh Patel, VP of Software

Tablo’s features for Providers // Improving Kidney Care for Providers

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