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Tablo is a simple, versatile approach to reducing the cost and complexity of dialysis.


An enterprise solution from the hospital to home

Tablo is a one-device solution for health systems to treat patients across the care continuum and clinical spectrum, from the ICU to home hemodialysis treatments.

Easy to
learn & use

Train new nurses in hours, new patients in days

Traditionally complex processes in dialysis machine setup, teardown, and ancillary support are simplified and automated by Tablo, enabling quick training and high user satisfaction.

& intelligent

Streaming data from Tablo to the cloud

With two-way wireless data transfer and cloud-based monitoring and reporting, Tablo automates documentation and streamlines treatment management.

Understand the impact of the Tablo Hemodialysis System by hearing from the people who use it.

Discover the clinical versatility and customer support that ground Tablo in practice.

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