Tablo Systems now equipped with Remote Patient Monitoring through TabloHub


The Tablo System is the only dialysis device on the market that offers integrated, near real-time Remote Patient Monitoring. When a Tablo System is connected to the network, a clinician can now easily monitor treatment data on TabloHub from any connected device. This enables clinicians to attend to their patients’ ongoing treatments while supporting the needs of COVID-19 patient isolation and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Outset Medical is providing Remote Monitoring functionality to all customers free of charge until further notice.

Responding to user feedback, urgent need for Remote Patient Monitoring

One of our customers at a major academic institution reached out to our Chief Medical Officer at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, and asked if we had the ability to monitor treatments remotely. With their recent experience treating COVID-19 infected patients, they thought that monitoring treatments remotely could be a huge benefit to clinicians in dealing with the pandemic. (We thought so too.)

Due to the communications technology built into Tablo, we were confident that we had access to the data, but we needed to investigate how to minimize any potential delays in transmission. This specific piece of feedback, coming from one of our critical care partners so early in the pandemic expedited our sense of urgency knowing we had a real opportunity to have an immediate impact in our partners’ pandemic preparedness.

To better understand all the different ways this capability might be used, we quickly set up several calls with other customers over the course of a week. We asked them about their potential use cases for remote monitoring tools, and what they would like to see in the future. We were able to build a mock-up based on the first couple users’ feedback, and to use it as a tool to gather feedback in a collaborative way with additional users — this was key to ensuring we were developing the correct features.

Ultimately, we completely rescheduled our product roadmap in order to get Remote Monitoring into the hands of our provider partners as quickly as possible. Now our customers have the ability to remotely monitor their renal replacement therapy treatments from outside the room, view the current status of all Tablo Systems at their location, and see all the treatment data across the treatment history in near-real-time — all through TabloHub.

Remote Patient Monitoring system for COVID-19 patient isolation

Dialysis nurses and technicians managing treatments on Tablo for COVID-19 positive patients now have the ability to be outside the patient’s room and see most of the information they would see from in the room with the Tablo, including alarm notifications, all from a new dashboard for remote monitoring available in TabloHub.

Remote Patient Monitoring system for COVID19 patient isolation

A clinician can be stationed right outside a patient’s room or an isolation unit and easily monitor treatment progress using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other connected device. This can potentially mitigate unnecessary exposure, help prevent cross contamination of patients in isolation rooms, and conserve PPE. In addition to viewing near real-time treatment data, clinicians can also view historical data for the in-progress treatment, which is especially helpful during extended therapies ≤ 24 hours, where there may be shift changes with the nursing team. 


Remote Monitoring can also be used to know precisely when a Tablo system is available or will be in-use for the next several hours. Dialysis program coordinators, nurse managers, and charge nurses now have access to all of this information through TabloHub. Whether you are managing Tablo systems across one location or multiple locations, this cloud-based, fully mobile-responsive functionality makes monitoring the status of all your systems available wherever you are.

Improving remote support for dialysis patient care at home

When patients are dialyzing at home, it can sometimes be challenging for their facilities to support them when they encounter problems. With Remote Monitoring through TabloHub, home dialysis nurses and clinicians can get immediate eyes on their patient’s treatment history in the event that there’s an alarm to troubleshoot. Treatment history may also give clues as to what the problem is, enabling home hemo nurses to support their less experienced patients from afar, particularly on issues that are common and easy to resolve, but which may not yet be familiar to new home patients. For example, if a new patient is receiving multiple transmembrane pressure alarms and is uncertain what to do, the nurse could remotely view the data trend over the treatment, and suggest the patient check out the drip chamber or cartridge of their Tablo System for potential blood clots. This level of remote monitoring and support may elevate emergency preparedness for home health care providers and help ensure quality patient care.

In addition to Remote Monitoring, this latest release of TabloHub also helps support patients treating at home by providing clinicians with a training tracking form to document completed training and ensure that patients are trained on the correct content. Patients now also have the ability to download their own treatment reports directly through our patient portal,

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